Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the clinical common symptoms. It is characterized by pain of the lumbar region and may also involve the spine. Usually, it refers to the soft tissue injury, muscular sprain, rupture of the lumbar vertebrae disc and nerve disturbance. The pain can progress and radiate to the buttocks, legs and feet, called “Sciatica”. Moreover, the patients may feel numbness of fingers and weakness of legs.

Following the Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, the lumbar is the residence of the kidneys and has relationship with the bladder, prostate gland, urine-feces excretion, sexual function and ears. Lower back pain is divided into excess and deficiency. For excess, the cause can be either pathogenic cold dampness or blood stasis due to trauma. For deficiency, it is from kidney deficiency which is due to overwok, age, prolonged illness and excessive sexual activities.

Differentiate symptoms and Treatment

1.   Pathogenic cold dampness

Cold feeling- pain, heavy sensation in the lumbar, buttocks and legs, impaired movement, can be aggravated by cold weather and rainy day. Warm water and hot press can alleviate this symptom.

The treatment principle with acupuncture is to eliminate cold, disperse dampness and warm the meridians.

2.   Blood stasis

Pricking pain, generally fixed in certain point, stiffness of the waist are aggravated by pressure and movement.

The treatment principle with acupuncture is to activate qi, stimulate blood circulation for resolving blood stagnation, relax tendons and muscles for stopping  pain.

3.   Kidney deficiency

Weakness, soreness, chronic dull pain,    dizziness, tinnitus, cold limbs are aggravated by fatigue but can be alleviated by rest. 

The treatment principle with acupuncture is to reinforce kidney qi, nourish kidney essence, strengthen tendons and bones. 



  1. Avoid cold weather and damp place.
  2. Do not carry any heavy stuff.
  3. Do not use too soft bed, sofa and car seat.
  4. Have moderate sexual activities.
  5. If the pain subsides, do some recommended exercises for stretching and strengthening muscles. 
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