Many patients often experience headache but its cause varies. Acupuncture helps relieve the pain of headache. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory classifies headache by acute and chronic symptoms.


Treatment based on differentiate of symptoms 

1.Pathogenic factors
The treatment is to disperse wind and eliminate pathogenic factors.
2.Liver yang
The treatment is to calm the liver and decline the hyperactivity of yang.
3.Blood stasis
The treatment is to stimulate blood circulation and activate qi.
4.Cloudy phlegm
The treatment is to clear the cloudy phlegm and strengthen the spleen.
5.Qi & Blood deficiency
The treatment is to activate qi and produce blood.
6.Kidney deficiency
The treatment is to reinforce kidney qi, nourish kidney essence.

In additional, the treatment should be combined with the pain area’s differentiation as below :
-At the frontal head, combine with the stomach’s and large intestine’s meridian treatment.
-At the temporal head, combine with the pericardium’s meridian treatment.
-At the occipital head, combine with the urinary bladder’s and small intestine’s meridian treatment.
-At the parietal head, combine with the liver’s meridian treatment.


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